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This guide provides instructions for contributing static design objects to the library at Please note, designs should be submitted as .Rmd files (vignettes), and will not be added to the CRAN version of the DesignLibrary.

First, install DeclareDesign in R:


A design is an object of class design, created by concatenating a series of declare_* calls using the + operator in DeclareDesign.

Contributing designs

Your design should be submitted to DesignLibrary as an .Rmd vignette located in the vignette subfolder of the github repository: see here.

You should submit your design via a pull request to This will typically involve forking the repository, creating a new branch, adding your design to the vignettes folder, and then submitting a pull request to the DeclareDesign/DesignLibrary repository.

When you submit the pull request, you should see a pull request template, which contains a checklist. This checklist covers additional points addressed below.


In order for your design to appear on the table at, you will need to add some meta-data about your design to the overview.csv file located at DesignLibrary/inst/extdata.

You should add a row with:

  • the name of your design under design
  • leave designer blank
  • put the name of the vignette file without the .Rmd extension under vignette
  • add any keywords under keywords, separated by commas
  • leave shiny blank
  • you can put your name under author
  • and a link to your website or twitter handle under author_url

External data

Very often, more complicated designs will rely on external data. If your design requires external data to run, please make sure that it is sourced into your vignette through a publicly accessible URL. We will not accept any objects in a pull request aside from an .Rmd file.

If in doubt…

Just post an issue and we’ll get right on it.