You can install the DesignLibrary package in R:
Library features:
  • Our Vignettes describe each of the designs in the library in code and in terms of MIDA
  • The Designers are R functions that allow you to quickly build and modify designs using pre-built templates
  • Use our Design Inspector to visualize how power, bias, coverage and a range of other diagnosands vary as you change different features of the designs
Design Vignette Designer Design Inspector Contributor Keywords
Block Cluster Two Arm DesignDeclareDesignblocking, experiment
Cluster Sampling DesignDeclareDesignclusters, measurement, observational
Factorial DesignDeclareDesignfactorial
Mediation Analysis DesignDeclareDesignexperiment, mediation
Multi Arm DesignDeclareDesignexperiment, multiarm trial
Pretest Posttest DesignDeclareDesignbaseline, difference-in-differences, experiment
Randomized Response DesignDeclareDesigndescriptive, experiment
Regression Discontinuity DesignDeclareDesignobservational, regression discontinuity
Spillover DesignDeclareDesignexperiment, spillovers
Two Arm DesignDeclareDesignexperiment
Two by Two DesignDeclareDesignexperiment factorial
Two Arm Attrition DesignDeclareDesignpost-treatment
Process Tracing DesignDeclareDesignprocess tracing, qualitative
Binary IV DesignDeclareDesignexperiment
Two Arm Covariate DesignDeclareDesignexperiment
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