You can install the DesignLibrary package in R:
Library features:
  • Our Vignettes describe each of the designs in the library in code and in terms of MIDA
  • The Designers are R functions that allow you to quickly build and modify designs using pre-built templates
  • Use our Design Inspector to visualize how power, bias, coverage and a range of other diagnosands vary as you change different features of the designs
Design Vignette Designer Design Inspector Contributor Keywords
Block-Cluster-Two-Arm DesignDeclareDesignblocking, experiment
Cluster SamplingDeclareDesignclusters, measurement, observational
Factorial DesignDeclareDesignfactorial
Mediation Analysis DesignDeclareDesignexperiment, mediation
Multi-Arm ExperimentDeclareDesignexperiment, multiarm trial
Pre-Test Post-Test DesignDeclareDesignbaseline, difference-in-differences, experiment
Randomized ResponseDeclareDesigndescriptive, experiment
Regression DiscontinuityDeclareDesignobservational, regression discontinuity
Simple Spillover DesignDeclareDesignexperiment, spillovers
Two-Arm ExperimentDeclareDesignexperiment
Two by Two DesignDeclareDesignexperiment factorial
Two Arm Attrition DesignDeclareDesignpost-treatment
Process Tracing DesignDeclareDesignprocess tracing, qualitative
Binary IV DesignDeclareDesignexperiment