About DeclareDesign

The DeclareDesign project was founded by Graeme Blair (UCLA), Jasper Cooper (UCSD), Alexander Coppock (Yale University), and Macartan Humphreys (Columbia University and WZB).

Project contributors

DeclareDesign has benefited from the contributions of many researchers and coders. We recognize key contributors in addition to the principal investigators to each component:

DeclareDesign for R: Neal Fultz

estimatr for R: Luke Sonnet

fabricatr for R: Aaron Rudkin

randomizr for Stata: John Ternovski

DeclareDesignWizard: Clara Bicalho, Markus Konrad, and Sisi Huang

DesignLibrary: Clara Bicalho and Lily Medina

declaredesign.org: Nicholas Rivera

We thank contributors to earlier iterations of the project Thomas Leavitt, Tara Slough, Georgiy Syunyaev, and Anna Wilke. We also thank early beta testers Lauren Young, Erin York, and Yang-Yang Zhou.


We encourage you to contribute to our design library, as well as to submit bug reports and feature requests for our software as Github issues. We ask that contributors agree to our code of conduct.


We are grateful for major funding from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and seed funding from EGAP – Evidence in Governance and Politics.