Our design library characterizes designs informally and in code using the MIDA framework, described in The Idea.


Goal Strategy Design Download
Causal inference Experimental Two-Arm Experiment
Causal inference Experimental Two-Way Factorial Experiment
Causal inference Observational Regression Discontinuity

Using the design library

There are two main ways you can learn about the designs in the library:

  1. Read through the vignettes (click the links under “Design” in the table above).
  2. If you have installed DeclareDesign, download the code for the design or the design template and create your own, modified versions of the designs. Diagnose them on your own computer using diagnose_design() (click on the buttons under “Download” in the table above).


We encourage you to contribute your research design declaration to the library so that it can be used by other scholars. Contact us for instructions.